Symbol-based networks rely on nodes to provide a trustless, high-performance, and secure blockchain platform.

These nodes are deployed using catapult-client software, a C++ rewrite of the previous Java-written NEM distributed ledger that has been running since 2015.

Learn more about the protocol by reading the Technical Reference and this documentation.

Building the image

To compile catapult-client source code, follow the building instructions.

Running catapult-client

catapult-client executable can be used either to run different types of nodes or to launch new networks. This section contains the instructions on how to run the catapult-client for various purposes.

Running a network node

To run a Symbol node follow this guide.

Developers can also deploy testnet nodes to experiment with the offered transaction set in a live network without the loss of valuable assets.

Private test network

With Symbol, businesses can launch and extend private networks by developing custom plugins and extensions at the protocol level. The package Symbol Bootstrap contains the necessary setup scripts to deploy a network for testing and development purposes with just one command.

To run a private test net, follow this guide.

Private network

Instructions on how to launch a secure and production-ready private chain will be released here.